Balancing the Emotional Baggage



Emotional baggage is the weight of emotions people carry around and do not know how to deal with it effectively. For some of us our backpacks are heavy because we do not see the intrinsic worth of life and enjoy it. Instead, we entangle and suffocate ourselves with onerous load of emotions. The emotions referred to here are negative emotions, imbalanced emotions and brooding that really make our backpacks unnecessarily heavy.

One has to travel light in spite of responsibility and commitment. Practicing it in a balanced way can help sift out the negative emotions largely and make the mind clear enough to have a creative vision of life. If we can properly balance our emotional relationships and develop insight, we would perceive the intrinsic worth of life. For this, we need to train our mind to be positive, to be able to see the brighter side of things in all circumstances. However much adverse situations may be, we should think of ways to tackle with the problems and find solutions rather than getting bogged down or feel as a hapless person. Such a state of the mind leads to despondency and pushes one to self-pity, which in turn is terribly addictive. It paralyses all actions and altogether thwarts the chances of coming out of the problems. We should work hard on our mental strength and always keep the heart uninvolved.  This helps one to achieve necessary clarity of mind, enables him to call forth inner resources to direct our emotions on the positive side of the scale opposed to negative thinking. Striking the balance, we will be better equipped to draw up a strategically sound road map for action. It unleashes the power of our mind and enables us to excel in all realms of our life.

Troubles concerning emotional relationships are spread out to family, friends, colleagues, society, ones work and so on. There is always a tension between these and self. Self is always at the center of this consciousness. The responsibility of balancing the emotions also revolves round self. There are pulls from all the categories of relationships as they form the basis of our social existence and identity. Being human, we cannot live outside the society. However, in this relational network we need to be objective and precisely discriminatory and discretionary in order to achieve an accurate proportion in our duties towards each individual and group.

In the whole game, one’s own integrated self is the primary factor. The first step of effort to this end could be balancing our engagement to work. As a consequence of collective consciousness we measure our value in terms of the quality of our work, to fit in to the set parameters. Our work fills almost three quarters of the day. It is very important to come to terms with this emotional tension. In this present day break-neck competitive world, to soothe the nerves one may sometimes take time off the scene, leave himself free and relax in whatever way he likes. More importantly, one must take a pause in the midst of this restive world by withdrawing into self in some undisturbed nook daily for some time, look within and harmonize his mind, body and soul. It is essential for regaining mental strength and emotional balance, attain accord in life and achieve fulfillment. Besides, we should allow space discretely to everything big and small to realize a complete sense of life. A healthy mind gives birth to a healthy body and a healthy life, nurtures happiness within and lays the foundation of a constructive existence.





Estrogen is a natural female hormone produced by the ovaries and is responsible for a woman’s mental and physical health. It travels through the bloodstream, binding to receptors on cells throughout the body. In addition to growth and development, estrogen affects metabolism, tissue function, sexual function, reproduction, how female bodies use food and reaction to emergencies. Estrogen also regulates bone growth and cholesterol level. Therefore, estrogen is an important hormone that is responsible for the overall wellbeing of a woman.

In the past few years, we have seen a significant rise in female-related illnesses never seen before. Ovarian cysts, polycystic ovaries, fibroids and endometriosis have become common ailments in women of childbearing age. These ailments also affect fertility of a woman and make it difficult for her to conceive. Many experts believe that this is due to excess estrogen levels in their bodies. Research has also linked estrogen to cancers of the breast, endometrium (uterus), and cervix. The known risk factors for breast cancer include conditions that cause women to be exposed to higher estrogen levels over their lifetimes. Scientific studies have clearly shown that prolonged estrogen exposure increases the risk of endometrial (uterine) cancer.

It is essential to know the underlying causes that increase Estrogen levels in our bodies to keep a check on it. Dr. Bithika Bhattacharya, a Gynecologist and Obstetrician with a leading hospital in New Delhi, attributes stress and modern lifestyle as the main cause of estrogen disorder in women. Our modern lifestyle includes consumption of fast and processed foods and alcohol, smoking and staying awake late at night. Dr. Jeetendra Nath Banerjee a well-known Homeopathy Doctor in Aligarh who has cured several patients with the above-mentioned diseases, enumerates the implications of mental status on the brain. He says, “Mental negativity due to stress and present lifestyle causes hormonal imbalance by affecting the hypothalamus portion of the brain. Hypothalamus controls many important functions of our body. The synthesis and secretion of estrogens is stimulated by follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH), which are controlled by the hypothalamic gonadotropin-releasing hormone (GnRH). High levels of estrogens suppress the release of GnRH providing a negative-feedback control of hormone levels.”

He strongly recommends a regulated life and mentions that the only remedy to avoid and control increased levels of estrogen is through a healthy diet and healthy way of life. Eighty percent of our immunity occurs in our intestinal tract. To have a properly functioning immune system, you need to have a healthy digestive system because a large proportion of your body’s immune system stems from the digestive tract. A healthy gut and a healthy digestive system will aid in the production of certain good bacteria, enzymes and vitamins that help us to fight disease. Having a strong and vibrant immune system will help you to fight the underlying causes of estrogen disorder. Detoxify your body by having as much as water you can. A diet that is low in simple carbs and high in vegetable carb sources will help you detoxify estrogens. The essential nutrients to help detoxify estrogen are the B vitamins, zinc, omega-3 fish oils, green tea and magnesium. Vitamin E is a potent antioxidant, low Vitamin E elevates estrogen. Eat vegetables and fruit that have fiber, it helps in digestion and decreasing circulation of estrogen in the body. Avoid alcohol, caffeine (coffee, tea and soft drinks), fast and processed foods and foods with preservatives and Trans fats as they increase chemical load on the system. You must exercise regularly to keep body fat at bay. Fat levels and estrogen are related. Exercise has proved to have an impact on estrogen levels in women. Exercise not only keeps you fit and healthy but also elevates your mood by reducing stress.