An Engagement for Innovators



Globalization of the economy is the basic trend of the 21st century and communications is an integral part of it. In this age without communications, every activity would be at a state of halt. The corporate world is huge and unsparing. Hence, people who step into the world have to be well equipped. Corporate communication is a specialty field highly sought after by every business house today. It is an integral part of business and in terms of functionality, the most important part of business, as it is the link between business and its stakeholders (both internal and external). Communication is the cornerstone function of every organization to build up its status in the corporate world as well as its stakeholders. Communication is the key factor in the creation, implementation, monitoring and reporting of all corporate activities. Through communication, stakeholders understand company’s purpose, goals and values. The field has undergone radical developments over the years and has become a full-fledged career option today. To be a skilled Corporate Communications Specialist, one needs a thorough academic preparation along with an aptitude for communications. The ideal combination for the profession would be a Bachelors Degree in Commerce followed by a Masters Degree in Journalism and Mass Communication. Studying commerce facilitates an understanding of business and its functions, which is imperative to form an effective communications plan for business. A mass communication and journalism background gives a communications specialist an edge over others as he knows about the different mediums of communication and its dynamics. He would know how to implement it to achieve maximum efficacy. A combination of the degrees amplifies the purview of communications for the specialist. The essential skills required for a communications specialist would be networking. One must have strong industry contacts and know people who are beneficial for growth. Mastering social media is an absolute necessity. The best way to market yourself and your company is social media. You have to be well versed with Linked In, Twitter and Facebook strategies. If you have online presence then you are sure to make it big. After all, the world is on the web now. Social media is the most effective platform for communications. You have to be an ace in writing, the communication messages have to be crafted with utmost care, and have to be highly effective and strategic to achieve goals. Technology is the ‘mantra’ in modern times, you have to be tech savvy and aware of latest technology. Knowledge of intranets, apps, softwares and everything that you can learn from Google will be a benefit.  A know how of designing and video editing softwares will be of great assistance, you would be able to design, produce and edit all communication material yourself. Last but not the least, business is all about innovation and so is communication. You have to be highly innovative, creative and passionate. All these skills together will make you an indispensable communications specialist.

Corporate communications is an exciting and prospering field. With these tips in mind, students can almost guarantee that they will secure a successful career in corporate communications.