Rise Against Terrorism

We are all posting about #PeshawarAttacks , everyone is condemning the #terrorists. We are all genuinely feeling sad about it. But I was thinking is there no government among the ones who claim to be powerful or any leader #PMModi #BarackObama who will stand to bring an end to the catastrophe that a bunch of whimsical lunatics are inflicting on our fellow human beings. Once mishaps occur we go for candle marches, we have prayer services for the departed souls but does that actually matter? We all fight over petty issues but has any one fought over the right cause except freedom fighters. ‘United We Stand Divided We Fall’ – I guess the world comprising of each and individual should wake up and unite for creating a better world for each other only then the bunch of this dyspeptic species can be wiped out from the face of the Earth. No one can harm us until we want to..If we really feel for our race we must start to act instead of feeling sorry. We are all one! It’s time for a crusade. We have to make this World a Better Place.

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