The Photo Affair



Photography has been a popular profession for quite some time now but lately a few genres have emerged that are not only different and interesting but highly lucrative as well. The photographic trend is in high demand in metropolitan cities.

Wedding Photography

With destination and theme weddings becoming a trend, wedding photography has also become a style statement. People hire professional wedding photographers to take pictures. Apart from the common ceremonial, bride, bridegroom and family photographs, a theme is planned for the photo shoot. A series of pictures are taken to narrate a story. Even the most common shots are beautified with the play of the iris and aperture.

Maternity Photography

Maternity photography is a fast-growing market for professional photographers, but clicking a woman’s body during pregnancy can be challenging. However, with a little sensitivity and planning your shoots carefully, your maternity photography can give expectant mothers not only pregnancy photos they will cherish forever, but also an experience they will never forget.

Child Photography

Child photography is a unique style of photography.  It is about capturing the child’s most expressive, uninhibited and mischievous expressions. It is about photographing a fleeting moment in their childhood that is over all too soon. Parents are not satisfied anymore with random clicks of their children. Pictures of the children are taken with special themes, props and beautiful surroundings, etc. With availability of personalized catalogues, calendars, cards, mugs, photo books etc, the utility of such pictures is ever increasing.

Stock Photography

Stock photography is the supply of photographs licensed for specific uses. It is used to fulfill the needs of creative assignments. You can click random images and sell them by uploading them on stock websites. These photographs involve people expressing common emotions, animals, images related to travel and tourism, as well as conceptual photography.

Food Photography

Food Photography is a still life specialization of commercial photography, aimed at producing attractive photographs of  food for use in advertisements, packaging, menus or cookbooks. Professional food photography is a collaborative effort, usually involving an art director, a photographer, a food stylist, a prop stylist.

Aspirants looking forward to a career in photography should definitely be aware of these options. While photography is an Art and inborn talent, one has to learn the technicalities to master it. Several colleges offer courses in photography, and you also have an option to learn it online where all the tutorials are delivered directly to your mailbox. The most important lesson in photography is practice. The requirement to pursue the profession would be a DSLR camera and a command on photo editing software to refine the photographs and create effects on it. It is not a regular job so you would need to work as a freelance photographer. Networking would be the best way to get assignments. It is necessary to showcase your work and best way to do it is online, you can have a Facebook Page, have a profile on WordPress and LinkedIn and upload your portfolio on Coroflot.


Balancing the Emotional Baggage



Emotional baggage is the weight of emotions people carry around and do not know how to deal with it effectively. For some of us our backpacks are heavy because we do not see the intrinsic worth of life and enjoy it. Instead, we entangle and suffocate ourselves with onerous load of emotions. The emotions referred to here are negative emotions, imbalanced emotions and brooding that really make our backpacks unnecessarily heavy.

One has to travel light in spite of responsibility and commitment. Practicing it in a balanced way can help sift out the negative emotions largely and make the mind clear enough to have a creative vision of life. If we can properly balance our emotional relationships and develop insight, we would perceive the intrinsic worth of life. For this, we need to train our mind to be positive, to be able to see the brighter side of things in all circumstances. However much adverse situations may be, we should think of ways to tackle with the problems and find solutions rather than getting bogged down or feel as a hapless person. Such a state of the mind leads to despondency and pushes one to self-pity, which in turn is terribly addictive. It paralyses all actions and altogether thwarts the chances of coming out of the problems. We should work hard on our mental strength and always keep the heart uninvolved.  This helps one to achieve necessary clarity of mind, enables him to call forth inner resources to direct our emotions on the positive side of the scale opposed to negative thinking. Striking the balance, we will be better equipped to draw up a strategically sound road map for action. It unleashes the power of our mind and enables us to excel in all realms of our life.

Troubles concerning emotional relationships are spread out to family, friends, colleagues, society, ones work and so on. There is always a tension between these and self. Self is always at the center of this consciousness. The responsibility of balancing the emotions also revolves round self. There are pulls from all the categories of relationships as they form the basis of our social existence and identity. Being human, we cannot live outside the society. However, in this relational network we need to be objective and precisely discriminatory and discretionary in order to achieve an accurate proportion in our duties towards each individual and group.

In the whole game, one’s own integrated self is the primary factor. The first step of effort to this end could be balancing our engagement to work. As a consequence of collective consciousness we measure our value in terms of the quality of our work, to fit in to the set parameters. Our work fills almost three quarters of the day. It is very important to come to terms with this emotional tension. In this present day break-neck competitive world, to soothe the nerves one may sometimes take time off the scene, leave himself free and relax in whatever way he likes. More importantly, one must take a pause in the midst of this restive world by withdrawing into self in some undisturbed nook daily for some time, look within and harmonize his mind, body and soul. It is essential for regaining mental strength and emotional balance, attain accord in life and achieve fulfillment. Besides, we should allow space discretely to everything big and small to realize a complete sense of life. A healthy mind gives birth to a healthy body and a healthy life, nurtures happiness within and lays the foundation of a constructive existence.


An Engagement for Innovators



Globalization of the economy is the basic trend of the 21st century and communications is an integral part of it. In this age without communications, every activity would be at a state of halt. The corporate world is huge and unsparing. Hence, people who step into the world have to be well equipped. Corporate communication is a specialty field highly sought after by every business house today. It is an integral part of business and in terms of functionality, the most important part of business, as it is the link between business and its stakeholders (both internal and external). Communication is the cornerstone function of every organization to build up its status in the corporate world as well as its stakeholders. Communication is the key factor in the creation, implementation, monitoring and reporting of all corporate activities. Through communication, stakeholders understand company’s purpose, goals and values. The field has undergone radical developments over the years and has become a full-fledged career option today. To be a skilled Corporate Communications Specialist, one needs a thorough academic preparation along with an aptitude for communications. The ideal combination for the profession would be a Bachelors Degree in Commerce followed by a Masters Degree in Journalism and Mass Communication. Studying commerce facilitates an understanding of business and its functions, which is imperative to form an effective communications plan for business. A mass communication and journalism background gives a communications specialist an edge over others as he knows about the different mediums of communication and its dynamics. He would know how to implement it to achieve maximum efficacy. A combination of the degrees amplifies the purview of communications for the specialist. The essential skills required for a communications specialist would be networking. One must have strong industry contacts and know people who are beneficial for growth. Mastering social media is an absolute necessity. The best way to market yourself and your company is social media. You have to be well versed with Linked In, Twitter and Facebook strategies. If you have online presence then you are sure to make it big. After all, the world is on the web now. Social media is the most effective platform for communications. You have to be an ace in writing, the communication messages have to be crafted with utmost care, and have to be highly effective and strategic to achieve goals. Technology is the ‘mantra’ in modern times, you have to be tech savvy and aware of latest technology. Knowledge of intranets, apps, softwares and everything that you can learn from Google will be a benefit.  A know how of designing and video editing softwares will be of great assistance, you would be able to design, produce and edit all communication material yourself. Last but not the least, business is all about innovation and so is communication. You have to be highly innovative, creative and passionate. All these skills together will make you an indispensable communications specialist.

Corporate communications is an exciting and prospering field. With these tips in mind, students can almost guarantee that they will secure a successful career in corporate communications.