Chain Reaction System of Communication

A concept of Communication process for systemic change in business organization


Chain reaction in the context of business may sound somewhat intriguing and an understanding of its workings for achieving positive results may be worth the thought by the managers and top executives of business organizations.

Business means a gamut of a series of complex activities working in the form of chain reactions. Only a meticulous planning can help many unwelcome hazards. Planning is the primary requirement. It includes the entire spread of all the related functional areas of business. This is the larger picture of planning.

Planning would gain substantial effectiveness if an individual in the organization is motivated to participate in the process instead of confining it to the top executives. Before taking any decision, the cause and effect of every individual’s action is evaluated and ascertained how his action would be beneficial to others directly or indirectly. Individuals with their respective actions, form sort of support blocks of a super structure, that is, the organization.

Thus, a self-amplifying chain of events produces positive feedback for planning and execution, notwithstanding its motivating effect at the non-executive level too. It inculcates a sense of participation and belongingness in the organization. The chain reaction approach to perform tasks and planning can produce phenomenal positive results.

In the entire exercise, the role of the communications specialist is very significant, as she has to maintain and enhance the image of the organization. The specialist has to write a variety of stuff for the audience like press releases, newsletters, web content, blog etc. However, the communications specialist may not understand the various aspects of business well. A smart and capable communications specialist will be someone who will drive strong internal communication strategy to involve the people from different functional areas and create a strong talent pool. These people can write or provide ideas regarding their areas or contribute towards other activities as well. This would not only facilitate the work of the communication specialist but also make such people more energetic and motivated. A small creative deviation in their routine job would increase their sense of participation and give them more satisfaction. It would act as a catalyst to enhance overall productivity. It can spark a chain of positive reaction to the benefit of the organization.

Chain reaction system invigorates bonding and communication at all levels of function in the organization and coordination of all creative ideas in a cogent manner while forging policy for execution. The system is very likely to yield remarkable results for the benefit of the organization, as well as, open a wide scope for innovation in all areas of organization’s activity.


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