The Soulful Singer

His Ghazal Rocks!


He is a film journalist by profession and works as content head (broadband) for the very popular and only online Bollywood channel. He has studied Journalism from the Times School of Journalism and has written for all the leading newspapers in the country. iO’ Choice India’s Social Media Awards 2013 is running online polls and Faridoon is leading, leaving behind journalists like Barkha Dutt, Anupama Chopra and Rajdeep Sardesai.

Music is soul to all musicians and they are born with it. Faridoon too, had music in him, music has meant every emotion to him and it has been his way of life as far as he can remember. His expression for music is his voice and he has acquired training from a tender age. He is ever seeking new and unexplored realms in music and wants to convey it to people in a subtle way without imposing it on anyone or making it obvious. He is strongly against promoting himself, as he wants his voice to travel from one ear to another and one heart to another, the way sound travels in its natural form cutting its way through all matter. He does not want to transmit music through technology but through emotions. He says, “Music is a constant state for me, I am in it and it is in me. I do ‘riyaz’ anytime, anywhere and everywhere. It is a pure and unconditional feeling of happiness for me. I am loving it more and more as I bond with it with every note that excites my impulses.” Singing is not a lucrative career for him but a legacy that he wants to carry forward, which he has inherited from his great father and poet Professor Shahryar. He wants to sing his father’s ghazals and reach it out to his lovers so that they never feel his absence.

His musical journey into the captivating world started in the year 2000 when he recorded his first song ‘Shab-e-gham’ written by his father Shahryar Sahab. He recorded several songs after that and came out of his first music album ‘Touch of Romance’ in 2001.

He worked for three and a half years on his latest album ‘Palkon ko Bhigoen Kaise’. When asked about it, Faridoon said, “Composing and singing a Ghazal requires a thought process that matches the wavelength of each word in it. Every note, every chord and every instrument played should be able express the emotion and meaning of each word. Every element in the song should be in harmony. The process is complex, as the intricate nuances of the words in the ghazals have to be conveyed along with the expressions, which cannot be written in words. Music has to communicate that to the listeners, it is the bond, which binds the listener to the deliverer of the Ghazal. The album would not be complete without Mr. Navneet Kedar’s contribution as a music composer, arranger and sound engineer. He is a man of high caliber. While making the videos also we had to pay great attention to the visuals, they had to be in sync with the mood of the Ghazal.”

The creative head Soumini Paul, of a leading online music portal has coined the term ‘Ghazal Rock’ after listening to the novel and intriguing singing and composition of his Ghazals. Bollywood stars are raving about his album. Priyanka Chopra complimented him by saying “Very well done Faridoon, I am quite impressed.” Himesh Reshamiya excitedly said, “It’s superb, God bless you always bro”. Gaurav Malani, film critic for Indiatimes says, “I was expecting a Ghazal number considering the lyrics but was pleasantly surprised to hear a rocking version, the musical arrangements were neat and your singing and entire packaging is absolute professional work .The echo effect sounds nice. You should try playback singing in films, seriously!”  He is praised and recognized by all for his distinct style of singing the ghazals.

A Ghazal from the album was released on the popular online music portal and it hit the top ten in the charts. However, he formally launched the album on April 13, 2013 in GEC, AMU as he wanted to be close to his roots. He gave a heart-rending performance of all the five songs in his album and was praised by all.

The famous Film Director Mr. Mahesh Bhatt said to Faridoon after listening to his songs once,   “I will be the first one to buy your album when it is out in the market. You are doing great service to your great father by making his poetry reach out to big numbers. I like the different style of music in your songs and your singing is meant not only for India but the whole world to listen”

The album is homage from him to his father in which he has sung the ghazals written by him. He is sure to connect with his father through the medium of his soulful voice.

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