An Interview with The Hi Tech Musician



Mr. Navneet Kedar needs no introduction to the music fraternity in Aligarh (Uttar Pradesh, India) and owns the most technologically advanced recording studio in the city. He is a multi talented professional who is into singing, music composition, production and arrangement of different genres of music. With several prestigious projects to his credit, he has been widely recognized for his work and is a source of inspiration to many.

Please tell us about your journey into the musical world.

I worked for few months in New Delhi after completing my studies but the job did not interest me. I did engineering to design and build my own equipment. I was desperate to create music. Since my childhood, I wanted to immerse myself in music. In spite of strong objections from my parents, I decided to quit my job and opened a music shop at Aligarh. It was the first shop in the city, which had a varied collection of western music. I listened to different genres of music. I learnt and updated myself with online tutorials on music and utilized that period in polishing my skills. I started to compose music from that time. Everyone thought I was crazy to give up a bright future for music but I was determined and believed in myself. I collected decent amount of money to invest in my studio. I required equipment for recording and creating music so I designed, customized and built my own equipment. I was the first one in India to make a four track analog recorder. I did not look back after that, I crossed all hurdles to be where I am today. I started as a sound engineer in my studio and now I am a singer, music composer, producer and an arranger. I also encourage, launch and promote artistes who are talented and passionate about music.

Why did you want to design your own equipment?

I wanted to hear good music from a good sound system and produce music the way I wanted to and that system had to be my creation and not a ready made system from the market. That was my motivation to pursue an engineering degree in electronics. I am passionate about building my equipment as much as I am passionate about music.

What is Music to you?

Music is the fresh air that I breathe. As a composer the melody and rhythm that I create is the reflection of my soul.

You have composed music for Shaharyar Sahab’s ghazals, how was the experience?

It is a great honour to compose his ghazals. Mr. Faridoon Shaharyar, his son has sung the ghazals in his soulful voice and the experience was elating. The album will be launched soon but the ghazals are available on iTunes.

How are you associated with

It is great to be associated with as it is the only online official bollywood channel. I do all the background scores for them.

What does achievement mean to you?

Achievement is not a single state for me it is an ongoing state. I will keep crafting new dimensions in sound and music as sound is ever alive in the cosmos. My satisfaction is my achievement.


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