The Hibernation Diet has been created by British pharmacist and sports nutritionist Mike McInnes and his son Stuart McInnes who is a nutrition expert.

“The Hibernation Diet is about recruiting your own natural recovery system for weight control,” Mike says. “You don’t have to fight your body every step of the way to get a healthy weight. You need to learn how to make it work for you.”

The honey hibernation diet helps us sleep and lose weight at the same time by working with our body. It is a new approach to fat metabolism. When honey is taken before going to bed, it is believed that it fuels the liver, speeds up fat burning metabolism, eases stress hormones and helps us get better sleep. Honey keeps blood sugar levels balanced and helps our recovery hormones burn fat stores. It is surprising but true, you lose seventy percent of fat while sleeping during the night and hardly ten percent with intense exercise.

Our brain is constantly in need of energy but it cannot store any. The source of energy to the brain is the liver but it can only store 75 grams of energy at a time. While asleep during the night, our body needs energy to build new cells for our bones, skin, nails, muscles and all vital organs. Our pituitary gland, which is the master of recovery hormone production, sends out message to do the reconditioning while we are asleep. Our body works through the liver four hours every night doing the calorie demanding maintenance work. The calories come from the fat storage in our body. This period of our sleep, which is the first four hours of our sleep is called slow wave sleep and it is during this period that our body’s repair system works at its peak.

The good news for us is that our body uses fat for energy while our body is resting and recovering. Since the main organ at work is the liver, it has to be adequately stocked with fuel reserves to get through the overnight fast. Our blood sugar is stable when the liver is fuelled sufficiently and only then can our body use fat stores for energy.

The Hibernation Diet is not only healthy but also very easy to follow, all you have to do is take one or two tablespoons of honey in luke warm water, a smoothie or straight from the jar within an hour before going to bed and your body will work while you can have a guilt free relaxed sleep. You will wake up feeling refreshed every morning with healthy skin, hair, nails, bones and internal organs.

One can have a perfectly toned and healthy body with honey, balanced diet void of fast and processed food and half an hour of yoga every day. People who have followed Hibernation Diet have been able to lose weight easily in comparison to those who indulge in rigorous exercise regimes.

NOTE: The article has been published in The Times of Agra (The Times of India) on April 5, 2013. Hence, the copyright of the article is owned by The Times of India. Anyone who tries to copy, use or reproduce the article in any way will be liable to legal action. 



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