Solar Energy in India

The solar industry in india is growing by leaps and bounds. In fact, the solar energy sector is one of the fastest growing markets in the world. Owing to global warming all the governments in the world have started a movement for the use of renewable energy. India is the only country that has a dedicated ministry for new and renewable energy. The idea behind the change of thought is to use renewable resources instead of fossilized and depleting resources to meet our energy requirements. The latter resources will not only get exhausted in the times to come but would also cause devastation to the earth, the signs and results of which we can already see. The other major benefits that we derive from using renewable energy will be for the generation of electricity, the far flung rural areas where power grids are not yet established or cannot be established due to some problem or the other, Solar energy is the best option to meet the power requirements. Solar energy is the only source that is available all round the year in all parts of the country. India receives 3000 hours of sunshine every year. The theoretical solar potential is 5000 T KwH per year. Sun sends 15000 times as much energy as we consume world wide on a daily basis. Taking these facts into consideration we should now give up the use of conventional sources of energy and opt for new and alternative sources of energy specially solar that is available in abundance every where and can be used in all terrains from ice capped mountains to deserts, lush green valleys to coastal areas. By opting for this source of energy we will reduce pollution and green house gas emissions and lower our carbon footprint. As there is an increasing demand for energy due to the mushrooming malls, office buildings and huge residential flats, the supply of power is reducing and consumers are facing problems associated with grid connectivity and slow electrical infrastructural growth, all this results in load shedding with no power in our homes and offices for long hours. All this increases our cost on power. We consume a lot of  power by using electrical appliances which further adds to power shortage and then we spend on buying heavy duty generators and diesel. It is a vicious circle of increased expenses. Where as if we switch to solar appliances our electricity consumption will go down and on the other hand if we also generate power using Solar energy we would enjoy self reliance that comes with producing our own power and stay in a clean and green environment.

The Government of India and businesses are implementing an increasing number of stand alone power generation  initiatives to fill the widening gap between the energy supply and demand. The government is taking all measures to promote renewable energy in the country by putting in place subsidies and fiscal incentives in the form of 100 percent income tax exemption, financial assistance, incentives, duty free import concessions and lower interest rates etc. It is an apt time for people to consider the solar energy sector for jobs and business as it is a growing industry with a lot of cushion.

We as responsible citizens should start opting for Solar energy to free our world from global warming before it is too late.

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