Do What You Like Doing – Work Passionately

Passion is what makes a Man. From my personal experience, I have learnt one thing and that is, one must always follow his heart and intuition in everything he does. It is often said, that emotional people do not take the right decisions because they do not use their mind, they lack practicality.

I have felt that the heart and the mind have a deep connection, when the emotions are positive the brain always makes a choice that favors the heart. People are different, so are their thoughts. Generally, when we do something that does not appeal to the people around us, they consider us wrong and discourage us from doing what we want. Most of us actually end up believing what they say. We silence our heart and mind. Throughout our lives, our activities are oriented towards pleasing others but we dissatisfy ourselves. We make ourselves unhappy because we do not listen and communicate with our inner self. The repercussion is that we dislike everyone around us and cannot make anyone happy because of the unrest we suffer.

The most common blunder that we make in life is in choosing our career. We have so many considerations before opting for a career. Actually, in most of the cases, the parents choose for their children and they have to follow. Right from childhood the mind is fed with the traditional options of medical, engineering, management or law. These are regarded as the safest professions. If someone wants to become a chef, musician or actor, he is dissuaded. The career depends on what the parents fancy. Few are allowed to have the privilege to make a choice of their own. Other considerations would be a fat pay package or a profession that is in vogue. At present students are flocking in to computer courses as IT industry is upbeat. Just imagine, a person is fond of painting, he loves colors but he is forced to be an engineer. I do not think he would ever make it big for himself but if he chooses to become a painter, he will paint with his heart, mind and soul and be an achiever. Success and wealth go hand in hand. He will be happy and content and make others happy too. People against him will admire him because of his success. That is what matters to everyone.

Many do not realize that excellence is achieved only when you do something that you are fond of doing. Our aptitude lies in the area of our interest. The heart has to be involved in what we do only then the mind will be involved and help us grow. There are many who have followed their passion and belief to become a Steffi Graph, Steve Jobs, Abraham Lincoln, Leonardo Da Vinci, Wordsworth and Michael Jackson and the list goes on. Love your work, fuel your passion, believe in your abilities and be patient. These are the essential requirements for success.

I have faced many hardships in my professional and personal life as I have only done and do what I believe in. People may be against me but I always prove myself. I have carved my way out to where I am today. I opted for the profession of my choice. I took up the jobs that I liked, believed in and thought would help me grow professionally. It did not matter whether it was a multinational company or a small company, I liked them, they liked me and I was hired. All along, I have been content and have loved my jobs.  It has helped me work hard and grow. With every job, I have got better and better.

My passion for my work is the secret to my success and I am successful because I have followed my heart.

I am a believer, I believe in myself.